Monday, December 26, 2011

Agusta A109 MKII+

Agusta A109 MKII+

Year: 1988  
Asking Price: 950.000 USD   
Aircraft S/N: 7414   
TSN: 2249 hours TT

Optional equipment:
Slint Soudproofing
First Aid Kit
Dual Controls
Check list holder
Rotor Brake
Dual Windshild Wiper
Cargo compartment light
Tsirah Mark VII STC’d Aux.Fuel Tank(Uninstalled)           
Wide Body
Integrated Flight system inc.Freon Air conditioning
Pilot&Passenger Door Open Act.
Engine Quick disconnect Magnetic Drain Plugs
Engine Aux. Oil Filter
Engine Hourmeter   
Rain Gutter
Tracking Provision
Cargo Compartment Enlargement
Bleed Air Heater
Copilot Flight Instruments
Shoulder Harneses&Inertial Reels, Pilot&Copilot                   
Standby Attitude Indicator
Cabin Fire Extinguisher
Intercom System
Engine Comp. Fire Extinguishers                      
Emergency Ffloats Structural Provision

Single Tube EFIS
Dual Collins VHF 22A Com’s
Dual Collins VIR 32A Nav’s
Collins ADF 60A
Collins DME 40
Collins TDR Transponder with Aerosonic Encoding Altimeter
Gyro Compass C-14A
Trimble 2000A GPS, Stand, Alone, VFR, Single Pilot IFR
Sperry AFCS Autopilot,Flight Director&Autotrim
Radio Altimeter 
Radio Master Switch
Pilot, copilot Nav. instruments
Wx 1000+ Stormscope

Damage / Service history:
No damage history. 

Engine HMI Insp. C.W: 1586.0Hrs  14 OCT.2003
100Hrs Insp. C.W. 2249.0Hrs 07 April.2007

The aircraft is operating, why component times will be subject to 
changes depending upon such operations. 
Verification of component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Interior:Interior VIP. leather seats, carpeting, 
ultra-leather coverings on side-panels & headliner. 
Gold plated hardware.

White with blue stripes.

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